Services for filmproduction and consulting

We offer a variety of services in film production and consulting:

1. Documentary

2. Info video

3. Image film

4. Campaign film

5. Event video

6. Timelapse

7. Aerial

8. Livestreaming

9. Location scouting

10. Consulting

11. Picture fees



The production of high-quality and modern documentaries and reportages is one of our core competences. Our focus is on the creation of nature and animal documentaries. Due to our expertise we are not only able to find and film the rarest animal and plant species, but also to develop and implement innovative technical solutions for the creation of the film.

For us documentaries start from a length of 15 minutes.

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Info video

Our info videos convey a complex subject matter to viewers in a clear and understandable way. We know how to present complex issues for science communication in a way that is specific to the target group. For example, we can use expert interviews, explanatory sequences or animations. For the creation of your info video, we take over the entire production process, from research and concept development, to shooting with professional technology and elaborate post-production.

Our infovideos have a maximum length of 14 minutes.
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Image film

We will find the right visual language for you to present your brand, company or product according to the latest findings and stay in the minds of your fans and viewers. We are happy to conduct the complete production process of your (web) video for you: from planning and conceptual design, to shooting with professional techniques, to video editing. We are known for our special creativity in the realization, e.g. by telling a fictional (humorous) story, with which you clearly stand out from other image films.

Image films have a length of up to 5 minutes.
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Campaign film

In your campaign video, we coordinate with you experts and/or affected persons ect., who comment on your topic. These statements are embedded in great and atmospheric images. A coherent sound design supports your statement.

We recommended length of up to 15 minutes for campaign films.
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Event video

You are planning a conference, lecture series, festival, concert or festival and want to capture this event for eternity? We produce a beautiful memory of your event. In addition to high-quality B-roll sequences on music, we include short interviews of visitors and experts.

We recommend a length of up to 10 minutes for event videos.
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Whether moving timelapse, day to night, star time lapse, studio time lapse (e.g. of flower opening) or hyperlapses: Our experience in creating high quality and especially elaborate time lapses is vast. We can implement linear as well as rotating time-lapse movements. The elaborate post-processing of the recordings is also part of our service.

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We offer cinematic drone footage in a fantastic environment. In this area, we can draw on a wealth of experience in a wide variety of environments and implement complex motion sequences. If necessary, we will take care of the required permits and ascent permissions. We also have the necessary liability insurance and EU certificate of knowledge.

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We offer multi-camera live streaming with live image control for a wide variety of event formats, e.g. for conferences, press conferences, lectures or concerts. With up to four cameras and various sound sources, we create your livestream professionally. Customized graphics, pause screens and overlays give the stream an additional professional look. We offer an upstream via your stream key to all common livestreaming platforms, such as YouTube or Twitch. During the stream, we mix the various camera images live in our on-site direction system. If necessary, we collect questions from the chat, moderate it and pass them on to you for answering.

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Location scouting

We are at home in nature: We know where the raccoon drinks, the badger sleeps, the fox lives and the wildcat takes its walks. We know the most beautiful sunsets, we know where you can still see the Milky Way and the moon shines brightest, where roads wind through enchanted landscapes and idyllic villages can be found.  If you are looking for a special place, we will find the right location for your project.

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You would like to develop and produce your content yourself, but you feel stuck at one point? Are you looking for a specific technical setup? You want to organize an expedition, are looking for a rare animal or plant species? With our expertise, we are happy to advise you.

Mapping and wildlife monitoring

Through our work and scientific training we have extensive knowledge and experience in mapping and monitoring of wild mammals. According to the criteria and habitat requirements of the target species, we compile different methods to investigate your question.

We process the data, among other things, in GIS. We provide mapping results in a report according to your requirements.
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Mapping Training for the Common Hamster (Cricetus cricetus)

In the common hamster mapping workshop, we train your employees on the habitat requirements of the common hamster, its endangerment and protective measures. We teach the safe determination of common hamster burrows in a practical way on the basis of: burrow tube depth, burrow tube diameter as well as the differentiation from mice burrows, the differentiation of summer burrow and winter burrow, the determination of slip and drop tubes. In a sample mapping we measure burrows together, fill out a protocol and give hints for the preparation of expertises. 

Further information about the common hamster wokrshop and fees:
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Strategy development and campaign planning

From numerous projects, constant training and observation of the scene, we know current trends and know which platform your target group is currently on and how you can reach them best. In close coordination with you, we create and plan a comprehensive (moving) image strategy and provide you with the necessary knowledge to implement it independently.

Together with you, we find the right strategy to effectively reach your target group and realize your goals.

In trend scouting, we observe current trends for you and filter out what is important for you and inform you about the most important developments on the web and among your target group. In collaboration with you, we use these developments to create recommendations for action for your further web video and image strategy.

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Technology consulting

You want to produce your own livestream, are looking for a good camera for your conferences, want to produce a film yourself but don’t know what technology you need? We advise you on all technical questions.

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Picture fees

From our extensive photo and video archive, we license on request for the most diverse types of use. We offer different types of licenses, variable in scope, duration and spatial expansion.

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The prices for our customer projects strongly depend on the scope of the individual project. Nevertheless, we would like to give you a rough overview of the resulting costs. Here you can find our price list 2022.

Download: Preisliste – David Cebulla Naturfilme 2022
Download: Technische Aufnahmespezifikationen – David Cebulla Naturfilme 2022
Download: Herstellungsbedingungen – David Cebulla Naturfilme 2022

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