DVD “Hidden Beauty – The Orchids of the Saale Valley” (2019)


DVD production

Due to the high regional demand, we decided not only to show the film “Hidden Beauty – The Orchids of the Saale Valley” at festivals and on the Internet, but also to produce a DVD. We did the entire production ourselves, from layout design, preparation of the DVD version and transaction with retailers. At the beginning of November 2019, the DVD was then released in a first edition of 300 copies. In 2022 the forth edition has been published.

Available in Jena’s bookstores

The DVD is available in our online store. It is also on sale at Thalia bookstores in Jena (Neue Mitte and Goethe-Galerie), in Rudolstadt and Saalfeld, at the Albert-Steen bookstore in Jena, at the Jena tourist information at a price of 8,99€. More than 200 copies were sold after just two months.

Bonus material

In addition to the main film, the DVD also contains about 45 minutes of bonus material. In an interview David describes interesting stories, facts and backgrounds to the film here. English subtitles are also available since the second edition.


Read more about the film here.