Wild Forests (2022) – Filmmaker

In “Wild Forests” the filmmaker and ecologist David Cebulla visits areas in Thuringia where forests are permited to develop naturally. His quest is to find some of Germany’s rarest animal and plant species. The joint project with the NABU Jena e.V. creates awareness for nature conservation and the protection of species.

How Wild is the Thuringian Wilderness?

The Thuringian State Government has decided that in 5% of the state’s forest areas natural processes should take place without any direct human interference. Thereby Thuringia implements important aspects of the National and the Thuringian Strategy for Biodiversity. But how wild is the Thuringian wilderness? The filmmaker and ecologist David Cebulla visits various 5% forests in order to find and to film some of Germany’s rarest animal and plant species. With this documentary he is drawing an examplary picture of Thuringia’s forest wilderness during the vegetation period of one year. It is an inventory of nature in these forest areas.

Ten sellected 5% forest areas will be recorded for scientific and cinematic purposes. The scientific work is focused on game species in these areas. This applied nature conservation research is the foundation for the professionell film footage. The special aspiration in this project is to show only free living animals in their natural habitats. Visually the (web) documentary/ reportage is defined by a cinematic style. Central elements are complex timelapses, dynamic gimbal, slider and drone footage, as well as astonishing macros. The visual style is suplemented with other elements known from vlogs and web videos.

The Sponsors and Supporters

NABU Jena e.V.We conducted this joint project in the course of 2020 with the Jena segment of the NGO NABU (Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union). The film premiere is sceduled for 2022. All ecological research and the film project “Wild Forests” was possible thanks to the following sponsors:

Förderer Thüringens wilde Wälder David Cebulla

Furthermore, the project “Wild Forests” was suported by these NGOs:

Unterstützer Thüringens Waldwildnis