The Postman’s Odyssey (2020) – Filmmaker

A postman is sorting letters in monotonous movements when a registered mail arrives on his desk. One look over the shoulder to his grandfather the “fastest courier 1956” and he is on his bike. However, he is not getting far this way. The flat tire is just the first of many obstacles he must overcome to fullfill his mission: he swims through a river, hitchhikes a tractor, and skydives with a parachute. The letter contains enrollment documents of student. In the end, the postman finds himself infront of a closed door outside consultation hours. Enrollment can be easy: Just do it online.

The project was filmed in 5 days.

Cast & Crew
direction and camera: David Cebulla
production assistant: Heide Moldenhauer
camera assistant: Hannes Grämer
set assistant: Nora Thiess
animal care: Clara Thiess

parachute stunt: Jakob Häselbarth
flight coordination: Uwe Raschke
pilot stunt plane: Thomas Siewert
pilot camera plane: Dietmar Möller

postman: Thomas Maria Grafft
student: Kristin LangerenkenHuhn: Biene
boat driver 1: Theresa Tabbert
boat driver 2: Lina Kutzner
farmer: Götz Frischauf
pilot: Thomas Siewert
secretary: Jana Autenrieb