Short documentary about forest decline in the Kellerwald

Forest decline: Consequences of Climate Change and Drought Using the Example of the Kellerwald

The drought and heat of the past years is straining our forests increasingly and push ecosystems to the limits of resilience. The example of the Hoher Kellerwald clearly shows how severely numerous tree species are affected by damage.The spruce suffered from extreme weather and beetle infestation. The stand in the Hoher Keller is therefore almost completely gone. Beeches are endangered by the complex disease. In addition, as a result of hunting mistakes severe browsing and peeling damage can be seen in the forest on the Hoher Keller. Interview partners in the film are representatives from politics, forestry and science:

Martin Häusling – Member of the European Parliament and spokesman on agriculture of the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance in EP

Karl-Gerhard Nassauer – district forester of Jesberg

Dr. Gitta Langer – scientist at theNorthwest German Forest Research Institute (Nordwestdeutsche Forstliche Versuchsanstalt)

This short documentary about forest decline in the Kellerwald was shot in four days and followed by further four days in post production.

Length: 12 minutes
Director & Camera: David Cebulla
2nd Camera & production assistant: Heide Moldenhauer